To link up an Active Campaign account that you have set up on your own (versus one that you have set up through our reseller account with them), you would need to get your API access information, and enter that into your Cerbo EHR under Admin > Manage > Integrations. Note that API information should be kept secure. Please DO NOT send this information via email. 

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To find your API keys in ActiveCampaign, click on Settings in the righthand menu. If you do not see a sub-menu appear, hover over that menu near the top, and click on the double rightward-pointing arrows that appear >> to expand the Settings sub-menu. Click on Developer. 

Copy the URL and Key that appear under API Access at the top. Use that information to setup your integration under Admin > Manage > Integrations > ActiveCampaign in Cerbo. Let us know at support@cer.bo when that is done if you want us to sync over your existing patients. Going forward, newly added patients will be automatically synced to ActiveCampaign.