Every event in Cerbo has two emails and one automated SMS message associated. The confirmation email will go out as soon as you add it to the calendar, the reminder email will go whenever you have specified, and one sms message will be texted to the patient's mobile number whenever you have specified. You can leave these blank to use the system defaults, edit them when adding an appointment to make a custom 

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Once an appointment is associated with a patient, a confirmation email, a reminder email, and a text message will be sent to the patient automatically:

Send a custom message to your patient when adding the appointment:

To send a custom message to your patient, just click in the text field of each the notification you want to edit. You can type your message directly there to the patient. Anything you enter here will only be sent to this particular patient, for this particular appointment. If you leave these blank then Cerbo will send a default message.

If you do not set anything custom in these fields, then Cerbo will send out the following default messages:

Email Notice

                Default subject: "You have a new upcoming appointment!" 

                Default text:

(Email) Reminder:

                Default subject: Your upcoming appointment

                Default text: 

SMS (text message reminder): 

***Note that the SMS message does not include the practice name! You will want to set a custom SMS message that includes the practice name, see below for how to do that!

Save a Default Custom Message, Subject, and/or Timing:

Go to Admin -> Manage -> Schedule Types, and select "Manage Default Notifications":

You can edit either your General notifications (for all schedule types), or select a Schedule Type from the drop-down. Your General notifications will be be the underlying default - applying to any appointments that you have not defined Schedule Type specific notifications for.

For each message, you can set whether it is on or off by default, the subject line, and the text of the message. For the Reminder Email and the Reminder Text, you can set how many hours before the appointment you would like it to be sent 

Type your message directly in the text area. You can click on the "Show Available Variables" button for each message to see what variables you can use in your message. You can use these to address the patient by name, include the name of the provider they're seeing, the type of appointment etc. Be sure not to include any patient specific information here, the text will show exactly as you type it for all patients scheduled for this type of appointment (or all appointments if you are setting your "general" notifications). Use the variables to pull in any patient specific text. 

Now when you add an appointment, you will see the text of your custom messages! You can still edit these on a per appointment basis if you would like. 

Workflow Suggestion:

 Your appointment notifications and reminders are a great place to remind your patient of anything they need to do or prepare for before their appointments. In conjunction with the Questionnaire Manager, you can use these to alert your patient to what they need to fill out on the portal. If you set your intake forms/consent forms to display based upon appointment scheduled, then you just need to remind your patients to visit the questionnaires page. Once there they will see what they need to fill out. 

You can also include cancellation policies, directions, or anything else you want your patients to be aware of beforehand! 


Below is an example for your Confirmation Email (and can be easily tweaked for a reminder email). Items in {brackets} indicate where you would want to input your practice's information. You'll want to review this example and update it for your practice needs, but it provides a good starting point if you're not sure what to say! 

Your [[scheduled_type]] with  [[scheduled_provider]] is confirmed!

To ensure your appointment time is focused on your health and what brought you in,  please complete the following via the Patient Portal before we meet:

Verify your contact Information under Account Details

Add your current Medications via the Medications Tab

Add your current Supplements via the Supplements Tab

Fill out all Questionnaires and Consents under the Questionnaires Tab (makes sure to save and continue if you need a break while working on working on a longer form to ensure you save that progress)

Upload Any Outside Labs or Records via the Labs and Documents Tab

Let Our Team know your prefered Pharmacy to route any prescriptions we fill for you via the My Pharmacies Tab

Please add your credit card via the Invoices and Payments Tab

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please reach out to the us directly at {list phone number or email} at least 48 hours in advance whenever possible. Thank you for choosing {Your Practice Name}, we look forward to seeing you soon.