If desired, you can use Cerbo to track (and process payment for) inventory sales to people who are not patients/ do not have charts in your EMR.  

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In order to track inventory sales for non-patients:

  • Create a dummy "patient" chart named "OTC Sales" or similar
  • When a non-patient comes in to buy inventory, you can create an encounter note for the transaction (not required, but helps to keep transactions with different non-patients straight) and add the charges for the inventory items you're selling in the Charges/ Payments box. OR add the charges directly to the yellow Billing block.
  • Take payment for the charges. If you're taking payment via Credit Card processed in Cerbo, you'll want to go back after you've taken the payment to delete that card on file so that it isn't inadvertently used to pay for another person's purchases in the future!
  • Generate and print a service receipt to give to the purchaser, if desired.

Now your inventory will be decreased by the number dispensed and you will be able to see in the dispense history that x # of that inventory item were sold to a non-patient (dispensed to "OTC Sales") on the dispense date.