Generally speaking, membership subscriptions are not insurance-reimbursable charges and so would not appear on an insurance invoice or superbill. However, there may be circumstances in which, for example, monthly subscription charges cover specified billable services provided as part of the patient's membership, and the cost of those billable services may be reimbursable to the patient. In such circumstances, you can follow the steps outlined below to create the insurance invoice that the patient would use to submit for reimbursement: 

  1. Go to Admin > Manage > Charge List and set how the specific billable service charge should appear on an invoice that you generate.
  2. In the relevant encounter note, add the charge for the billable service to the patient's account, making sure to edit the Base Charge amount to $0 before clicking Add Charge. This ensures that the patient is not double-charged, as they were already automatically charged the subscription amount that includes this service. The invoice will show the amount that you defined in step 1. 
  3. Generate the insurance invoice (no need to add a payment!for the visit and print it and/or save it to share it with the patient on the Patient Portal.

If you follow these steps, the charge amount shown in the patient's billing history for the item will be $0, but the insurance invoice generated will show the charge and breakdown that you specified in the relevant entry in your charge list.