Although membership payments are not generally reimbursable by insurance, this article will cover how to generate superbills per date of service where insurance reimbursable procedures or services were provided.  

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  1. Add charges for the individual (insurance reimbursable) services you offer under Admin > Manage > Charge List. Instructions to do so can be found here - Add to or Edit Master List of Charges. Mark the charge as being "Insurance Reimbursable" and leave the base price as $0. Click add charge at the bottom of the window.
  2. Re-open the charge and follow the "Manage how this charge displays on an invoice" button at the bottom of the window. Add a line item and include the billing code and per visit cost. More information about that process can be found here - Manage How a Charge Displays on an Invoice

    ** The pricing above is only an example, we are not able to advise on insurance pricing.
  3. Add the charge to the Charges/Payments block of the encounter note for the applicable date of service. The patient will not be charges for this individual service because of the $0 base price.
  4. Generate the insurance invoice - No need to add a payment for the visit. Print it and/or save it to share with the patient on the Patient Portal.

If you follow these steps, the charge amount shown in the patient's billing history for the item will be $0, but the insurance invoice generated will show the charge and breakdown that you specified in the relevant entry in your charge list.