Clients can submit a forms request from our Sample Forms page on the MD HQ site.

URL to send to general clients:

    -To show different consortium forms, add the following to the end of the URL...

        - ?ADAPT

        - ?IFM

        - ?AGB

URL to show which versions are from which groups (don't send this link to the client, this is just to help us find a form if someone references one):

How to handle a forms request

Once forms request has been submitted, to add to their build: 

  1. Download the relevant forms from GitHub and upload to their build (patient_portal/html/custom/forms/questionnaires)
  2.      If they aren't using Questionnaire Manager:
    •     (note: this works best in Firefox)

          -Go to

          -Select the forms the client has requested and hit "generate" to get the button tags 

          -Copy and paste this code to questionnaires.php file

  3.     -Make sure all of your CSS is up-to-date


We have added FontAwesome to the new CSS. To check if they have it, go to patient_portal/html/custom/ and check to see if there is a fonts directory with files in it with "fontawesome" in the name. If not, you need to add it

-In GitHub Forms repository you can find all relevant files in "FontAwesome" folder

-Upload font-awesome.min.css to custom/css directory

-Upload everything in the "custom fonts" folder to custom/fonts directory (may need to create this folder if its not already there in the build)

-Upload everything in the "custom components" folder to custom/components directory

How to add a new form to our stock forms

To add a new questionnaire to the stock forms page:

  1. Make sure the form is in our git library first
  2. SFTP into 
  3. Navigate to /custom/forms/2019/and upload your new form here
    • you will need to remove any php from the form that will break it. For example, since a patient isn't logged in to view this form (since it's on our website instead), there wont be any session variables, so remove anything like:
      • $_SESSION['PT_USER_ID'] or anything like this
      • simplify the get_pt_name() function to just return "John Doe"
      • simplify the get_pt_sex() function to just return "F"
      • simplify the get_pt_age() function to just return 18 or whatever
      • change: $questionnaire = get_saved_questionnaire($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'], $_SESSION['PT_USER_ID']); to just $questionnaire=""
      • remove the line at the bottom: <input type="hidden" value="<?=encrypt_string($_SESSION['PT_USER_NAME']);?>" name="authenication_tolken" />
  4. Navigate to /patient_portal/html/custom/pages and download sample_forms.php to your computer, find where you want to add your form, and copy one of the other forms (replacing the hidden input value and file path and name, underlined in red below...) 

<label class="control control--checkbox"><input type="checkbox" name="form_selector[]" value="Thyroid Questionnaire" /><div class="control__indicator"></div></label>
<button class="button add short launcher" target_form="forms/2019/thyroid.php?">+ Start</button>
Thyroid Questionnaire