If a subscription payment (note: subscriptions available only via Stripe in MD HQ) does not go through, the system is set to retry a certain number of times before failing completely.

If a subscription payment fails and you want to generate an invoice to give to the patient or share with the patient on the portal showing the subscription payment due:
  • First, close the failed subscription payment as "unpaid":
    • Click on Reporting > Recurring Invoices tab.
    • For the particular subscription payment that you want to invoice, select "Close Unpaid" off to the right.
  • Then add a charge for the missed payment:
    • Go to the patient's chart, click on the plus icon in the billing block, and search your charge list for the charge you want to add (you can use the generic built-in "Adjustment" charge for this or first go into Admin > Manage > Charge List and add a charge for, e.g., Missed Subscription Payment).
    • Edit the charge to be the amount of the missed payment, if needed, and add it.
  • Then generate the invoice:
    • Pop out the Billing history by clicking on the double box icon in the upper right hand corner of the yellow Billing block.
    • Check the box to the left of the charge you just added, and use the Manage Checked drop down menu in the upper right to generate an invoice or receipt for the patient.
    • Print and/or save.

Note that this will not cancel the recurring subscription, so it will still try again next month unless you cancel it manually. Or if you are able to update the card on file in the meantime, it should run as usual.