Where are the main configuration files found?

Config files are generally in the client databases that you'd access via the VPN and SFTP. Some configuration options (notably, appointment types) are set via PHPmyadmin.

Accessing/working with files via SFTP (Bitvise, FileZilla):

Patient Portal config files are found here: /var/www/patient_portal/safe_includes

EMR config files are found here: /var/www/safe_includes

  1. Download the relevant file from the remote server
  2. Make your changes locally
  3. Save your local copy
  4. Preserve a backup of the original file by typing the date (in YYYY-MM-DD format) and your initials after the filename on the remote server (ex: original_filename.2022-04-12_bd.php)
  5. Upload to the remote server.
  6. Test to make sure it is working/displaying properly.

Accessing/ working with files in PHPmyadmin:

  1. Log in by navigating in a browser to [EMR_URL]/mdhqmyadmin
  2. Back up the table you are making changes to, either by exporting it and saving to your computer, or copying it in the 'Operations' tab. When making a table backup, add 'zzz_' to the beginning of the table name, then a timestamp/initial the same as with SFTP (ex: 'zzz_schedule_2022-04-12_bd')
    • IMPORTANT: Never copy a table with binary 'BLOB' data. This will result in the VM irrevocably losing storage space. BLOB tables are usually clearly marked, and correspond with file uploads such as documents and image files.
  3. Make your changes
  4. Test to make sure it is working/displaying properly
  5. DELETE any data saved to your computer as a backup