The Patient Portal Onboarding Tool provides a quick and easy way to set patients' Portal access levels and issue multiple invites. This allows users to do these steps for many patients at once instead of navigating to each patient's dashboard one by one.

For patient confidentiality and compliance with privacy laws, you must take precautions to ensure that no one gains unauthorized access to a patient's data on the Patient Portal.  This includes parents, adult children, spouses, etc., unless they have specific authorization.

For this reason, Patient Portal access should only be granted after confirming that:

  1. The Patient Portal account and password were set up by the patient or an authorized third party, and
  2. Only the patient and any authorized third parties have access to the primary email account connected to the account.
Strong operational security should be provided on an ongoing basis, particularly when a change of email address is requested.

The Patient Portal Onboarding Tool

Go to the My Links menu and choose Patient Portal Onboarding Tool from the drop down list.

This brings up a new page that lists all of the patients in the system. To the left of each patient's name is a color block that signifies their Patient Portal status.

  •   Red   means the patient does not have Portal access enabled
  •   Gray   means the patient has Portal access enabled, but has not been issued an invite to join
  •   Orange   means the patient has Portal access enabled, has been issued an invite to join, but has not yet logged on to the Portal
  •   Green   means the patient has Portal access enabled, has been issued an invite to join, and has successfully logged on to the Portal

By default, patients will have their portal access disabled, and the color block next to their name will be red. However, there may be several different colors displayed due to changes made to individual patients access levels.

To enable access, click the red box. It will turn gray, signifying access is enabled. And a link will show up under the Action column, saying "Send Invite to [email address on file]". This link will appear only for patients who have Portal access enabled (status displays gray, orange, or green).

To send an invite or a reset email, click the link under the Action column "Send Invite to [email address on file]". The invitation/reset email will be sent immediately.

Enabling Access/ Inviting Individual Patients

You can view or modify a patient's username and otherwise manage an individual patient's portal access by going to that patient's dashboard, opening the Patient Information block, and navigating to the Patient Portal tab.  Read more about that here.

send multiple invites to the patient portal

invite mass patients to portal