You can generate an Insurance Invoice ("superbill") or Service Receipt for a patient at the point of payment (generally preferred workflow), from inside of the relevant SOAP/encounter note, or from the Billing Block on the patient's chart. 

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Service Receipt 

The Service Receipt has basic information about the transaction, including 

  • all charges in the note or transaction, plus billing codes (Snomed-CT, CPT┬«, ICD10-PSC, other billing code systems, etc)
  • the problem(s)/complaint(s), along with ICD codes (you may elect at the top to show/hide ICD codes)

Insurance Invoice

The Insurance Invoice will have detailed information that the patient can use to submit to their insurance to be reimbursed. This invoice will include

  • either all charges in the note or only charges that are marked as "submittable to insurance" (option to show either). 
  • date of service, diagnostic codes, billing codes 
  • if applicable, a stamp indicating that the patient has "PAID IN FULL", so they may get reimbursed.

To generate an insurance invoice, you must enter the charges into Charges/Payments box of the relevant encounter note so that the invoice includes the relevant details of the encounter. If the charges are added to the patient's chart outside the encounter note (i.e. directly in the yellow billing block), the resulting invoice may not necessarily contain all relevant details.

Once either document is created, you can either print or save it to the patient's chart. Once you save, it will, by default, appear in the Invoices tab of your Documents block. If you release the invoice on the Patient Portal, it will appear both in their Labs and Documents tab and their Invoices and Payments tab). 

Generate an invoice or receipt at Point of Payment (recommended method):

Within the Add Payment box, check the box for the invoice/receipt you want to generate, and hit the Add Payment button to simultaneously process the payment and generate the invoice. If the payment is successful, the invoice will open in a new tab, unless your browser has a pop-up blocker. You can enable pop-ups for your EMR only and then regenerate the invoice. 

If you want to generate the invoice at the time of processing the payment, check the "Save selected as my default" and then click on "Add Payment". This will prompt the system to remember your preference on future transactions. 

Generate an Insurance Invoice or Receipt from inside of the relevant encounter note:

To create an invoice or receipt for a visit after you've taken payment, open the encounter/SOAP note and go to the "Generate" drop down menu. Select either Insurance Invoice or Service Receipt. 

Generate an invoice or receipt from the Billing block:

More rarely used, do this if you want to include charges/payments spanning multiple encounter notes or added outside of an encounter note

  • Click on the expand icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Billing block on the patient's chart,
  • check the box to the left of the date of service (DOS) of any charges and payments that you want to include,
  • click on the "Manage Checked" drop down menu in the upper right hand corner and select "Create Insurance Invoice" or "Create Service Receipt", as applicable.

Edited 6/8/2021