You can generate an order form for a lab, imaging, or referral order to e-fax out of Cerbo, print for the patient, and/ or save to share with the patient on the Patient Portal. The form contains the patient's demographic and insurance information, as well as information about the order, codes, and justifying diagnoses.

Please note that this process is different from lab orders generated through a bidirectional lab interface in Cerbo. 

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1. Add the Order(s)

First, you will add the order(s) to the Plan box of an encounter note (top-left image) OR directly to the Open Orders block (top-right image) in the patient's chart. You will not add the recipient information at this time! That can be added in the faxable/ printable/ savable form itself, once you generate it.

2. Create the Faxable Order/ Requisition Form

Next, create the printable/ faxable/ saveable requisition form:

Once all needed labs, medications, etc. have been added, the Plan box will look like the image above. The lab orders will be preceded by the letters "ORD". From here, there are a few options to transmit the orders to the lab.

  • If you want to transmit all orders in the Plan box to the same lab, you can hover over the blue "Plan Rx/Orders/Vaccines" header and a set of drop-down options will appear. Then, click on "Fax Orders" to open the next window. Then follow instructions in Step 3 below.
  • If there are multiple orders that need to be transmitted to different labs, first, navigate to the patient's dashboard view. You can do this by clicking on the patient's profile picture area. In the Open Orders box, select the set of labs you need to transmit first (see image below). Then click on the drop-down labeled "Manage Checked" and select "Faxable Form". Note that you can quickly select all orders that are in one encounter note by clicking on the encounter title in the Open Orders block. This will bring up the view discussed in Section 3. Finish up the first set, then come back to Open Orders to transmit the other set(s) of labs.
  • To transmit a single order to a lab, you can simply right-click on it in the Plan Rx/Orders/Vaccines box, and then select "Create Fax Form for..." (see image on left for example). This will bring up the subsequent window, which is discussed in the next section below.   

3. Fax Form Preview

The faxable requisition preview will have the options shown below at the very top of the page. Here, you can specify the recipient of the fax in the "Fax will be sent to" field. You can either type in the number manually, or pull in the number from your set of saved Laboratories, Radiologists, etc


If the desired facility/ specialist isn't yet in your contact book, you can add the recipient information manually, so you need not type it in the next time. 

Briefly go over the form to make sure all information is correct. You can make edits on the fly, by clicking on the area you wish to edit. You can type in the desired changes and then hit Apply (see image below).

If everything looks good and you're ready to e-fax to the intended recipient, scroll back to the top and click on "Send as Fax". This will automatically save the requisition to the patient's chart and the portal, if the patient has access to it. 

Alternatively, if you need to share a digital copy of the requisition with the patient so that they may take it to a lab of their choice, click on "Save Form". This will bring up the set of options shown below. From there, click on Save to Pt Chart so it is available on the patient's portal. The "Allow Pt to view in portal?" checkbox will be selected by default as long as the patient has access to the portal. 

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