You can generate an order form for a lab, imaging, or referral order to e-fax out of Cerbo, print for the patient, and/ or save to share with the patient on the Patient Portal. The form contains the patient's demographic and insurance information, as well as information about the order, codes, and justifying diagnoses.

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1. Add the Order(s)

First, you will add the order(s) to the Plan box of an encounter note OR directly to the Open Orders block in the patient's chart. You will not add the recipient information at this time! That can be added in the faxable/ printable/ saveable form itself, once you generate it.

2. Create the Order/ Requisition Form

Next, create the printable/ faxable/ saveable requisition form:

  • For all orders in the Plan box of the encounter note from the Plan menu, by clicking on Fax Orders.

  • For  specific orders that you select by checking the box to the left of the order(s) in the Open Orders block, and then using the Manage Checked drop down menu to select "Faxable Form". Note that you can quickly select all orders that are in one encounter note by clicking on the encounter title in the Open Orders block.
  • For a single order by right clicking on the order name (in the Plan box or Open Orders block) and selecting Create Fax Form.

3. Adding the "To"/ Recipient Information

You will add the recipient information within the order form, once it's generated. If you have added contact information for your local laboratories, imaging facilities/ radiologists, and/ or specialists to your contact books, you will be able to search for and select from your contact book entries to populate that To field on the faxable/ printable/ saveable order form. Plus, you can assign those entries as patients' preferred facilities/ specialists!

You can populate the To field on the order form by clicking on the "Fax will be sent to" drop down menu, and:

  • Selecting from among the patient's preferred facilities/ specialists. If that patient has any preferred facilities or specialists on file, those will be automatically shown in that drop down menu.
  • Searching for the recipient within your Laboratories, Radiologists, or Specialists contact book.

Or, if the desired facility/ specialist isn't yet in your contact book, you can add the recipient information manually

  • Click in the blank area below the TO, and manually type in the recipient information. Then click Apply. 

  • Then select "Fax will be sent to" > OTHER: Type in fax number, and type in or copy/ paste the fax number.

4. Special Use Case: Separating Orders into Multiple Order Forms

In cases where you need to generate separate order forms for different labs or scans that you have ordered (for example, because the labs or scans need to be sent to different facilities), you can do so from the Open Orders block.

First, expand the Open Orders block if you're in the encounter note view (double-click to expand if it's collapsed) or go to the Open Orders block on the patient's main chart view. 

Check the orders you want to send to the first location. In the Manage Checked drop down menu, select the "Create Faxable Form" or "Send Order to [integrated lab]" option, as applicable. This will create your first requisition. Print, fax, and/ or save the first requisition. Then close that to return to the chart/ Open Orders.

Next, deselect the previous orders and select the orders that need to go on the next order form. Create another requisition ("Faxable form") and print, fax, and/ or save. Continue until you have created and directed all of the orders as needed.

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