You can allow patients to cancel appointments through the portal. To do this, go to the Pt Portal drop down menu and select Portal Settings.


The relevant details are at the bottom of the Portal Settings pop up.

Allow users to cancel appointments 

(checkbox) - checking this box enables patients to use the portal to cancel appointments.

Cancellation terms & conditions 

(message field) - this space is to communicate the terms and conditions of cancellation to your patients. This should include all relevant details about your cancellation policy.

Cancellation fees 

(currency) - the charge associated with cancelling the appointment.

Hours prior to appointment it can be cancelled 

(number) - the cut-off time for cancelling appointments via the Portal. If the patient will not be able to cancel the appointment via the portal during the time period listed.

Click the green +Save Cancellation Settings button to finalize the cancellation. Patients will be able to cancel appointments listed on their patient portal until the listed cut-off time via a Request to Cancel Appointment pop up.