This article describes how to dispense product and supplies from your inventory. 

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To dispense a supply or product you can: 

Screen shot supply dispense charge pop up 1) Add the applicable charge and dispense from inventory by clicking on the plus icon either in the Charges/Payments box at the right of an encounter note, or directly in the Billing block on the patient's dashboard.

In the +Add Charge window that appears, the charge information is populated from the charge entry in your charge list. You may edit this information as needed. For inventory items that are in stock, you will see the option at the bottom to Do not dispense/ Dispense from inventory - this is toggled to Dispense by default. I

Click the +Add Charge button to add the charge (and decrease your inventory accordingly).

2) *Prescribable inventory items only - Add the corresponding prescribable item to the Plan of an open Encounter Note, then use the Complete and Dispense option to add the corresponding charge. See here for more information about prescribable versus non-prescribable inventory items.

3) *Lab kits only - Add the corresponding order to the Plan of an open Encounter Note, then click on the $ to the right of that order in the Open Orders block to add the corresponding charge.

Drop Shipping, Special Orders, and Out-of-Stock Inventory

If you are charging for the item, but not giving it to the patient - for example, if you will mail it to them or if you are special-ordering it for them - you can toggle to Do not dispense, then Add Charge. If you charge for an out-of-stock inventory item, then it will automatically be tracked as "not dispensed." 

You would then work from the Undispensed Inventory Report under Billing > Generate Billing Reports to:

  • Order items from the supplier for drop shipping to patients.
  • Mail items to the patient out of the office, then mark them as dispensed in that list.
  • Mark items as dispensed from that list once inventory is re-ordered and picked up by the patient or mailed to them.