When you dispense drugs from your Rx Inventory, you will print medication labels. If it does not happen smoothly the first time, you can reprint.

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In the patient's chart, click the pop-out icon on the medications block to view their medications history. 

You can see all past dispenses for that patient at the bottom. To the right of each dispense entry, there is an option to [Print Label]. This will bring up a new window with the label to print.

You can also reprint from the Inventory history view. Under Admin > My Inventory, search for the specific medication entry. When you find it, click the Log icon for that item at the right. This will bring up a pop-up that lists the dispense history for that specific medication. Find the dispense entry you want and click the [Print Label] option.

If you do not see the new window with the label to print when expected, make sure that your browser is set to allow pop ups from the EHR website (in the browser's settings).