To dispense a drug from your inventory, prescribe a drug like you normally would (in the Plan section of an open encounter note or from the Medications block on a patient's dashboard page). When searching for a drug in the smart search bar, your inventoried drugs will show up at the top of the list. They are denoted by the gray inventory dispense icon in the top right of the entry, as well as the quantity in stock in parentheses.

Screen shot add dispense drug pop-upSelect the inventoried drug from your list. At the bottom of the+Complete and Add New Rx for Pt pop-up, a new green+Complete & Dispense button will appear. When you're done entering prescription details, you may either click the +Complete & Dispense button, or prescribe as normal and dispense later in the patient visit.

  1. The +Complete & Dispensebutton will immediately take you to a Dispense [drug] pop-up.

  2. Complete the prescription as you normally would, by clicking any of the standard green +Complete... buttons listed at the bottom of the +Complete and Add Rx pop-up. To dispense later, right-click on the prescribed drug in the medications block of the encounter note or patient chart, and choose DISPENSE. This will take you to the Dispense [drug] pop-up.

Screen shot dispense drug pop up


The Dispense [drug] pop-up will show you the remaining doses of the drug within your inventory at the top of the bar. It will also include the prescription details that you entered.

How many doses would you like to dispense at this time? (integer) – this auto-populates with the prescribed number of doses, but can be edited as needed.

Notes about this dispense (notes field) – a place for administrative notes.

Charges (drop down, currency) – The charge amount is pre-loaded into the pop-up from the charge details contained in the drug inventory item, but can be directly edited in the window. Use the "On dispense" drop down menu to select what to do with the charge amount. Automatically adding the charge will add the listed charge to the patient's account (and applicable encounter note, if dispensing from inside an open encounter note). DO NOT add the charge will not add any charge for the dispense. Launch prompt to add charge opens a new pop-up to allow charge customization (more on that below). Hit the green + Dispense & Print Label button to apply selected options. This will pop up a new window with a label to print and record the dispensation in your inventory.

When you select "Launch prompt to add charge" from the "On dispense" drop down menu described above, a new + Add Charge to Pt Account pop-up will open over the charting screen to guide you through customizing the charge.

The system will track the number of doses you dispense and subtract it from your inventory total. It assumes that you are dispensing the oldest of any drugs in your inventory. If you prescribe more doses than remain in your oldest lot, the system will use up the last doses in your oldest lot and pull the remaining from the next oldest lot in your inventory. It will print two labels, one for each lot, and give instructions on how to process the split-lot dispensation.

Note: The print label feature is set up to accommodate Dyno printers. To set up the correct formatting for your practice, send us your printer model number and label ID. We will use these two pieces of information to create the correct template for your labels.


To review your patient's drug dispense history, click on the Expand icon of the Medications block on their chart. This will bring up a pop-up that shows the patient's prescription history at top and drug dispense history at the bottom. The drug dispense history lists dispensation details and allows you to re-print a label or edit the history as needed.

To review a certain drug's dispense history, go to the Admin drop down menu and select My Inventory. Find the drug in the inventory and click the logs icon at the far right of the drug's inventory entry. This will bring up a Dispense History pop-up listing patients, quantities, and dates, as well as allow you to re-print a label or edit the dispense history as needed.

If you edit a dispense and it has an associated charge, you will have to edit the charge separately from the dispense. To do this, go to the charge block in the open encounter note and right-click the charge to select Delete Charge, Edit Charge Details, or Refund. Or, in the patient's chart, open the billing block pop-out, and select Delete Charge, Edit Charge Details, Refund or Add Adjustment Charge to Note.