The patient's most recent blood pressure (BP), weight, and height readings are shown in the BP, Weight, Height block on the patient dashboard or encounter note page. Hovering over an entry will show a larger view, with details about who entered the most recent measurement. Clicking on BP, Wt, or Ht will allow you to add a new entry.

Add Vitals:

To add a new blood pressure, weight, or height measurement, click on BP, Wt, or Ht in the Vitals block. If you have custom vitals listed you can similarly click on these listings to add entries. Enter your measurement in the pop-up that appears and if the date of reading is not the date you are entering the data make sure you adjust the date of the reading field by using the calendar option. You may also enter notes about the vitals reading for patient weight or height. Click Save. 

Editing and Deleting Vital Entries:

Once vitals have been entered you cannot edit them, but you can remove errant entries. To do so just pop-out the vitals block using the pop-out icon that appears when you hover over the vitals block:

Once you've clicked that the expanded Vitals section will show all your historical readings. Next to each reading is a small [-] icon, which you can click to delete the bad reading: