Patient info - billing tab

The billing tab allows you to manage the patient's billing details, including his or her subscription account, credit card, and billing address.

Current Subscription

Use the drop down menu to select the patient's subscription plan, if applicable. Note that when you select a subscription plan, the patient will automatically be billed for the recurring subscription charges associated with that plan. Click for more information about subscriptions.

Add Credit Card

Add a new credit card by clicking on "Save new credit card" and entering details in the fields provided.

The "Patient has OKed automatically charging this card for future transactions" checkbox is provided to keep track of whether the patient has consented to have the card on file charged automatically for future charges.

Billing Notes

Enter notes here if desired. These notes do not appear elsewhere, but only in this billing info tab.

Bills are paid by another patient

Check the box and select payor patient if another patient (such as a parent) pays this patient's bills. This function is only available after you assign a relationship between the patient and the payor in the relationships block on the patient's (or the payor's) dashboard. This functionality is provided so that you can consolidate billing information for multiple patients that are members of your practice.

You can add a non-patient payor to a patient's account by adding the non-patient's address as the billing address and adding the non-patient's credit card information.

Patient is part of a group account

Select from the drop down menu if the patient is part of a group account (e.g., an employer-provided plan) that is primarily responsible for all or a portion of the patient's bills.

Billing address is different from primary home address

The default billing address is the patient's home address. You can change this by checking the box to indicate that the patient has a different billing address, and then entering billing information in the fields provided.