Pt_Info.jpgEnter or edit a patient's basic information by expanding the Patient Information block located under the photo block in their dashboard. Expand it by clicking the pencil icon at the upper right of the block.

Basic Data

Enter the patient's name(s) in the fields provided, each of which has a 55 character limit.

Phone number(s) may be entered in any format (up to a maximum of 35 characters per field) and will be displayed exactly as entered.

You may enter up to two email addresses for the patient, which must be in a valid email address format. Email addresses will be displayed exactly as entered.

You may add any number of nicknames, separated by commas (no character limit). Nicknames are used to look up the patient's records in the patient search bar at the top right-hand corner of each page. Do not re-enter the patient's last name along with the nickname(s).

If there is any very important information that should be prominently displayed on the patient's dashboard, you can also add a notice, such as "DECEASED" or "FIRED," in the basic information tab. Any text that is entered in the Notice field will be highlighted at the top of the "Need to Know" box on the patient's dashboard. 

You can specify a color for the highlighted notice in the drop down menu provided.


Enter the patient's home and/or work address in the Addresses tab. If the patient has a separate billing address, it can be entered in the Billing tab.