NOTE: for clients that have received the Nov/ Dec 2019 system update, there is a new Advanced Patient Search available.

Advanced Patient Search, accessible by clicking on the Admin drop down menu and then on Advanced Pt Search, allows you to generate custom patient lists by criteria that you specify, such as:

  • Patient's sex, age, and month of birth
  • Received services, or did not receive services, in the last __ months
  • Physical visit, or no physical visit, in the last __ months
  • Has specified diagnoses in assessment or PMH
  • Has been prescribed specified medications
    • Notewhen searching by diagnosis or drug, a list of all patients with either/any of specified diagnoses or medications will be returned unless you check "Use AND statement" to list only patients with both/all of specified diagnoses or medications on file.

You can search by multiple different, overlapping criteria: e.g., generate a list of females between the ages of 45 and 65 who have not been seen for a physical exam in the last 12 months. OR you can search by keyword/phrase, which will search the text of patient notes and encounter notes for the exact key word(s) or phrase(s) that you specify.

When you click "Generate this Report", the system will generate a list of all patients who match the specified criteria. You may click on a patient in the list to open that patient's dashboard page.

View detailed results in a spreadsheet

To view the results of your search in spreadsheet format, with much more information than is shown in the results list within the system, check the box for "Export as CSV" before you click Generate this Report OR click on "Export Spreadsheet" at the top of your results list.

Generate a list of emails (e.g., for sending an email blast)

After specifying any desired search parameters or limitations, click Generate this Report.

  • At the top of the generated report, click Output List of Emails.
  • Copy and paste the resulting comma-separated list of emails into your email BCC field or your newsletter management program (note that sending mass emails from a personal email address puts your email address at risk of being placed on a SPAM registry).

Generate a list of all active patients in the practice

Check the box in the upper right of the Advanced Patient Search to return "Active Patients Only?" and then click Generate this Report.

Generate a mailing list (postal mail)

Specify any desired search parameters or limitations, check the box at the bottom to Export as CSV, then click Generate this Report. Or, once the report has been generated, click Export Spreadsheet at the top. You will be prompted to download the CSV file to your computer. 

  • Download and open in your preferred spreadsheet program (e.g., Microsoft Excel).
  • Use your preferred spreadsheet program to perform a Mail Merge to generate mailing labels.

Example use case: generate a list of active patients with October birthdays to send a birthday card or email

  • Use the Born In drop down menu and select Oct.
  • Check Active Patients Only.
  • Click Generate this Report.
  • Follow the directions outlined above for sending a mailing or sending an email blast, if desired.

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