The encounter summary for a visit is automatically shared with the patient on the portal (if that is turned on for the selected encounter type) when the encounter note is signed. You can also generate a printable encounter summary.

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If the selected encounter type 

When you're completely finished with a note, click Save and Sign to finalize. Once a note is signed, diagnoses, plan items, and text are no longer editable, and additional diagnoses, plan items, or text cannot be added without first unsigning the note. 

In a signed note, you are still able to add or edit charges and payments, as well as append a comment. If needed, you can also unsign the note. The system will retain a log of any previously unsigned versions of the same note.

Visit Summaries

* This section is only applicable if you have a Patient Portal and and have visit summaries active/ available on the portal. Turning the Patient Portal and/ or Visit Summaries on or off can be done by request to Cerbo.

The Visit Summary (or Encounter Summary) is a simple way to share the Assessment and Plan information with the patient after their visit. Signing a note finalizes it and automatically makes the visit summary available to the patient on the Patient Portal if the encounter note is of a type that is set to generate an visit summary on the Patient Portal. This is meant to be a summary of the issues and treatment plan discussed at the visit.

By default, the Encounter Summary includes only what is in the Assessment and Plan boxes of the note. 

  • You can opt to have the Assessment omitted from your visit summaries overall.
  • In the signing window you can choose to share all or part of the free text area of that particular note with the patient in their Visit Summary. Any part of the text that you share with the patient would appear at the top of the Encounter Summary.

Note that none of the main text area of the note is shared with the patient in the Patient Portal unless you specifically choose to share it as part of their visit summary as described above.

Patients will see the automatically-generated visit summary on the My Visit Summaries page in their Patient Portal (it may also be called Encounter History or something similar).

To PRINT the encounter/ treatment plan summary, from inside the encounter note view, go to Generate > Encounter Summary for Patient.

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