When you're inside of an encounter note, the entire patient chart remains accessible around the outside of the main charting area. By default, the different blocks of the patient's chart appear collapsed to make room for the encounter note.

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To expand a block and move it above the minimized blocks, double-click on its title-bar. Double click again to minimize the block back to just showing its title-bar, and move it back down to the bottom.

You can set up the layout of the page as you'd like it to appear, by expanding the chart blocks in the order that you want them to appear on the page, then selecting Settings > Save Layout as Default from the top menu. This will save your preferred encounter note layout so that when you open encounter notes in the future, the blocks will appear expanded/ collapsed as you set them. You can save a new default layout at any time.

The saved default encounter note view is set per-user, so your layout will not affect the layout of other users in your clinic.