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The My Vitals page is where you can view or update vital signs like blood pressure, weight, height, and any others tracked by your provider's office. The readings that are shown may include both ones that are taken by your provider and ones that you have taken and added at home.

Vital Sign History and Graphs

When there is more than one reading entered for a particular vital sign, a graph is automatically generated that plots all readings (y-axis) by date (x-axis). Multiple readings are shown above the graph in chronological order, going from left to right and top to bottom. If there are lots of past readings, only some may be shown at-a-glance, while a scroll bar is provided so that you can scroll up to view older readings.

Adding a Reading

To add a reading, click on the applicable "+ Add New" button. Enter the reading, the date it was taken, and any notes, and click "Submit." A reading that you add will be initially shown in a lighter shade than past accepted readings, pending provider review. You can cancel a pending addition by clicking on it.

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