There are four ways to add a new event to the calendar:

  • Click on any open time slot in the week or day view of the open calendar block, or click on a day's header in month view;
  • Select Add Event for Today from the Scheduling drop down menu; or
  • With a patient's chart open, select Schedule Event for the Pt from the Scheduling drop down menu.
  • From the Patient Portal Queue, click on the yellow helper button to the right of an appointment request to add the appointment.

Any of these actions will bring up the Schedule New Event in Calendar pop-up.

Generally, you will start by selecting a Type of appointment from the drop down menu at the upper right. This list of appointment types is something that is created by MD HQ. If you need to add to or edit this list, just let us know. If you are a new practice just getting started with MD HQ, you will provide to us a list of the appointment types that you want to appear and, if desired, the default duration for each.

The appointment types are largely configurable. Some of them, such as Misc., Cancelled, and In-Office Schedule, are pre-configured types that are in every build.

The appointment type selected will populate some basic information into the Title field. You can edit the title as needed. Enter Event Details, if desired and use the This appointment is for search box to search for and select an associated patient.


 Screen shot schedule event pop up

Once a patient is associated with the event, options pop-up to the right to send an email notice and/or an appointment reminder to the patient. These can be checked (will be sent) or unchecked (will NOT be sent) by default. If the boxes are checked, the Email Notice will be sent as soon as you click +Add New Event and the Reminder will be sent the specified number of hours before the appointment. 


For either the email notice or reminder, edit the subject and message to the patient as needed. Your email will automatically include the date, time, and practice information. To save your default email subject and message (and, for reminders, the number of hours in advance of the appointment to send), check the "Save as default" box at the bottom of the relevant tab(s).


Note: you may also use Chart Parts to create different email templates (e.g., for different types of appointments). Once you have created the desired email Chart Part(s) (via Admin --> Manage --> Chart Parts), insert the message from your template by typing the name or nickname of your email template, then selecting the suggested match to the left.


Note: email notice and reminder will be sent by regular email, not as a secure message via the Patient Portal - do not include Protected Health Information in your message.


Edit the start and end times/dates as needed. You may use the Is recurring checkbox and associated drop down menus to specify a recurring appointment.


Then use the checkbox(es) at the bottom to select which provider(s) the appointment is with. This event will show up in the selected users' calendars.


When finished, click the green +Add New Event button to schedule the event (and send an email notice, if that checkbox was selected).


Clicking on an existing event brings up the Edit/Delete pop-up (which is the same as the Schedule New event pop-up, except that the buttons at the bottom allow you to Edit or Delete the existing entry).